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What our business is about

The money generated by the sale of Durange BlockShares allows us to continually expand the portfolio of businesses into which we put money. This is also helped by the part of the profit we regularly reinvest in new projects.


What is Durange BlockShare?

Durange BlockShare (DBS) is a digital asset that gives clients the opportunity to participate in shared business. By buying DBSs, clients acquire shares in Durange’s profit, and Durange gains the funds to expand the portfolio of companies from which Durange’s clients profit in turn.

We primarily focus on the following areas

Renewable energy resources

These are the future of the energy industry, and thus guarantee a long-term and very interesting return on investment.

Energy storage

Renewable energy resources are also associated with increasing energy storage demands, and so we also direct money into projects that address this issue.

Mining and processing of raw materials

Electromobility has shifted attention towards the use of lithium and cobalt. We look for projects that focus on acquiring these materials but also concentrate on traditional resources.

Blockchain technologies and the Internet of Things

Modern smart technologies are gaining more and more traction in the market, and there is no doubt this trend is going to continue – hence we also channel some of our funds in this direction.

Support for science & research and philanthropy

Science and research are pushing the boundaries of modern technologies quickly forward. Hence we are involved in projects with the greatest potential – and we also think of those who need money the most.

Ecology and quality of the environment

We believe that projects focused in this direction are far more necessary than ever before and that they have a great future ahead of them. So we try to support meaningful projects.

We don’t shy away from other interesting fields, either. Yet we always adhere to the principle that we monitor – on a long-term basis – all the projects we invest in. We thoroughly examine their meaning, viability and potential. We then only put money into the most interesting of them.

This diversification also helps us reduce risk. Even if some of the projects are not profitable in a given year, other projects will make up for that loss. This means that the wider the portfolio is, the more effectively the profits will appreciate. Moreover, this is not the only method we use to ensure the invested funds are secure.

Security first

Client protection is crucial to us, and so all Durange BlockShare transactions feature three-level security.

All transactions take place in the Ethereum BlockChain

This means that each transaction must be confirmed before execution. This is the task of blocks created by millions of miners and substantially reduces the risk of data loss in the event of a hacker attack.

DBSs can only be sold through Durange

Even if the client wants to sell their DBSs to another party, they will first transfer these DBSs to Durange’s central cash register, from where we will send the DBSs to their new owner. Durange thus has control over all transactions.

All transactions involving DBSs are contractually based

Both the purchase of DBSs and their transfer from the client to another party. This means we are always able to trace the actual DBS owner, and we also send Shiriki to this owner until the contract is changed.


What is BlockChain?

Blockchain can be simply described as an Internet ledger shared among users instead of being held by a single provider. Besides recording individual transactions, it is also very secure. It contains only confirmed transactions, which reduces the risk of deposited funds being misused. Compared to classical methods, it also considerably accelerates and cheapens communication and other related processes.

These measures ensure there is no risk of misuse of the client’s Durange BlockShares. Even if the client loses their Ethereum wallet, Durange keeps track of how many DBSs the client owned and transfers these DBSs back to the client.

Moreover, if someone gains access to DBSs in a manner contrary to Durange’s terms and conditions, we can reliably detect this. That person will not receive any Shiriki from those DBSs and will not be able to resell them.