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We make money and grow through shared business

Sharing is the most effective way of getting maximum benefits with minimal resources – and this also applies to shared business. That is why we use it at Durange. It helps us make money together in situations where individuals would find it impossible.

How does shared business work?

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First, Durange selects and carefully examines the company it plans to enter.

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Subsequently, Durange buys a stake in that company or the company’s shares.

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Durange thus participates in the company’s business and in return gains a share of its profit.

Durange then distributes the profit among its clients, i.e. Durange BlockShare holders.
Durange clients thus participate in the business of other companies – hence ‘shared business’.

What is Durange BlockShare?

Durange BlockShare (DBS) is an innovative digital asset. Put simply, it works like a “virtual share”. By acquiring the right to hold Durange BlockShares, the client shares in Durange’s profit. The size of the share depends only on how many DBSs the client owns.

A Durange BlockShare offers 3 significant advantages over other assets.

Its value constantly increases.

We annually reinvest a part of the profit in new projects and increase the DBS value by that invested part.

It is completely safe

Thorough analyses and sophisticated security measures provide multiple layers of protection against misuse. Clients will not lose their DBSs even if they are stolen.

It provides permanent passive income

The client gets a share of profits called Shiriki every year. Moreover, the client may bequeath their DBSs to anyone. Clients will not lose their money even in life’s most difficult situations.


What is Shiriki?

Shiriki indicates the client’s share of Durange’s profit. Simply put, it is a certain “dividend” that we annually pay to Durange BlockShare holders. Its value is always calculated in euros, as is the DBS price.

Expected development of Shiriki

How does it all work?

We currently hold stakes in a number of utility and IT companies. Every year, we divide our share of their profit after tax and cost adjustment among Durange BlockShare holders. At the same time, a clearly defined share of the profit is reinvested. By reinvesting and by selling Durange BlockShares we can continue to expand the portfolio of companies in which we hold stakes. This allows us to increase profit more effectively and better diversify the portfolio.

How does it all work from the client’s viewpoint?

Speed and simplicity are Durange principles – we also apply them with our clients, meaning they only need to take 5 steps.

Step 1

The client selects the appropriate Durange BlockShare package with the assistance of the Prometteus sales team (individual packages vary by DBS count) and signs the contract.

Step 2

The client sets up an Ethereum wallet into which we then send the DBSs (the client will again be assisted by our helpful customer support staff).

Step 3

The client pays for the selected package and receives the ordered number of DBSs in their Ethereum wallet.

Step 4

After the end of Durange’s fiscal year (always on 30 April), we calculate the profit and send the client their share – Shiriki.

Step 5

If the client later decides to sell their DBSs, they will use the portal on the website to offer these DBSs directly to Durange or to another interested party (but no earlier than 18 months from purchase).

How is Shiriki calculated?

  • We take the total profit, deduct operating costs and then tax the result.
  • We then calculate 60% of this amount and place it in the Shiriki pool.
  • We divide the result by the total number of Durange BlockShares held to get the Shiriki per DBS.
  • We then multiply this sum by the number of DBSs held by the client and transfer the resulting amount to the client’s account.
  • For DBSs held by the client for less than one year, we calculate a pro rata amount according to the number of full months.

How is profit distributed?

60 %

of the profit from each DBS will be paid to the client as Shiriki. The total amount paid depends on how many DBSs the client held in the relevant fiscal year.

35 %

of the profit from each DBS is reinvested. At the same time, the reinvested amount will increase the value of DBSs and contribute towards their further appreciation.

5 %

will be invested in start-ups and in the support of science. This money also serves to diversify the portfolio and generate additional profits in the long run.