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We give people the chance to get involved in big business

We are redefining the financial market through blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies. And we give ordinary people the opportunity to take part in the business of the largest corporations.

We were the first in the world to come up with the concept of shared business using blockchain. This enables us to give our clients the chance to participate in the business and profits of other companies – on a long-term basis, simply and without unnecessary intermediaries.

Ing. Marek Hostaša

Strategic Decision Team Leader

A typical analyst interested in accurate information and facts – and a leading expert in IT and cybersecurity..

A graduate of the Brno University of Technology (VUT) with a focus on energy, he has devoted his entire professional life to the energy and IT sectors. He gained experience in the U.S. for a year, and built the IT consulting firm TACOMA after his return.
In that company he focused mainly on the following:

  • data security,
  • encryption,
  • data storage
  • and network technology.

As a project manager he has worked for leading global companies such as:

  • General Electric,
  • Microsoft,
  • Hewlett–Packard.

In the position of project manager, he also managed the construction of a data centre for AXA and the preparation of a security solution for Prague Public Transport Company during the 2002 NATO summit in Prague.
After 2006, he concentrated on seeking new investment opportunities. He has drawn on his knowledge and experience and invested primarily in financial and modern technologies, especially the following:

  • new energy,
  • cryptocurrencies
  • and sustainable development technologies.

He is now applying his experience at Durange, where he is responsible for technical solutions and security and leads the strategic decision team.

Lumír Šlahora

Sales Team Leader

A businessman and philanthropist in one. He can identify and seize interesting business opportunities yet does not forget others.

He worked in the government sector for five years, gaining significant experience in economics, taxes and business law.
He subsequently applied this experience in his own business activities and worked in international trade for over 20 years. He was mainly responsible for imports and the distribution of goods and services.
Among other things he cooperated with the ČEZ utility, and this is what made him interested in the energy sector. In particular in the following:

  • renewable resources
  • and sustainable development.

While building up his own business, he became intensely interested in new financial technologies and cryptocurrencies. This is what brought him to blockchain technologies and their application in the economy.
And from there it was only a small step to Durange.
Thanks to his knowledge and many years of experience with sales team management, he now manages the affiliate Prometteus, which acts as an intermediary in the sale of Durange BlockShares. He mainly:

  • manages and develops the Prometteus sales team,
  • helps to build relationships with clients
  • and to take care of the Durange client community.

The foundations of Durange were laid down in 2012 by Marek Hostaša and Lumír Šlahora at one of their meetings. They were both inspired by the possibilities of affordable and practical housing from the U.S. and Switzerland and started to create a similar project for the Czech Republic.

Then a new idea was born and drawn on a napkin in a restaurant.

This idea was gradually modified and improved. The breakthrough came when blockchain technologies became mainstream.

Although they were seen mainly through the lens of cryptocurrencies, it was obvious that their data transfer capabilities are far greater, as they allow information to be processed:

  • quickly,
  • securely,
  • and without intermediaries.

What especially aroused their interest was the Ethereum blockchain, which allows the automatic and secure execution of transactions according to predefined terms and conditions.

Why Ethereum blockchain?

Blockchain is one of today’s buzzwords. It caught the attention of the wider public especially thanks to cryptocurrencies headed by Bitcoin, which use blockchain to record transactions.

Yet blockchain can do so much more. Among other things, it can perform transactions without third parties (e.g. no banks involved), making everything faster and cheaper.

And since all transactions must be verified, it is also secure.

In addition, the Ethereum blockchain has one huge advantage – it has created the possibility of smart contracts. They only need to be defined precisely and then they will enforce the execution of the specified requisites themselves.

These are the opportunities the Durange founders wanted to take advantage of. They thus gradually moved from affordable housing to the idea of shared business. The first clear contours of Durange began to form in 2016, and the Durange BlockShare and Shiriki concepts were created.

This means the option to invest money into the company in exchange for the right to hold Durange BlockShare (DBS) “virtual shares”. And, every year, to obtain Shiriki as a reward, i.e. a share of Durange’s profits that flow from its investments in selected projects.

The idea to always reinvest a part of the money – thus increasing the value of DBSs and the profit to be returned to clients through Shiriki – was born at the same time.

However, we immediately encountered the issue of how to effectively organize all the commercial and company-related processes, as well as processes related to our clients. Therefore, in 2017, we decided to take a fundamental step: to split everything into two companies.

  • Durange is responsible for investing, issuing and administering DBSs, and other activities directly related to trading.
  • Prometteus takes care of our clients. From brokering the sale of DBSs to all other customer care activities. It also delivers the necessary service for the sales team.

We launched our first investment project and inaugurated Durange a year later. In May 2019, we paid Shiriki to clients for the first time in Durange’s history. And the result? Just a year after acquiring DBSs, clients received almost 10% of the invested money back.

We continue to expand the portfolio of projects into which we put our money.
We thus not only minimize risk but increase profit.
We focus, among other things, on:

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Renewable energy resources

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Energy storage

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Blockchain and decentralized technologies

We also seek interesting and viable projects focusing, for example, on ecology and we strive towards a responsible approach to the environment. In the future, we want to build a client community that shares these attitudes and takes an active part in similar projects.