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EUR 9.17

The Shiriki pay-out per Durange BlockShare in 2019.

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We invest a part of profits in additional projects and continue to expand our portfolio.

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Perpetual annuity

A sophisticated system brings long-term profits you can pass on to your offspring.

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Security is guaranteed through portfolio diversification and cutting-edge technical support.

Shared business

We invest in the most interesting projects in the market, thereby participating in their business and profits. And through Durange BlockShares we also give our clients this option, meaning that everybody can participate in the business and profits of the largest corporations.

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What our business is about

The money generated by the sale of Durange BlockShares allows us to continuously expand the portfolio of businesses in which we put our money. This is also helped by a part of the profit that we regularly reinvest in new projects.

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We give people a chance to get involved in big business

We are redefining the financial market through blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies. And we give ordinary people a chance to take part in the business of the largest corporations.

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